Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ORDO HERETICUS - Inquisitorial Henchman crossbow bolter conversion - Update 3

I have finished the Ordo Hereticus henchman with a crossbow-bolter combi weapon! After the amount of effort I put into this character and suggestion from a forum member I am going to upgrade him from a henchman to a named character. He will be a heretic/witch/psychic hunter.

Purity seals and purity scrolls are held in place via nails into his legs. Sculpted gloves.
Bolts to hold his breast plate in place. Bandaging around his legs.
Aiming down his sights. About to unleash a burst of bolts or silver darts into a heretic.
The bolts on his leg are strapped to his thigh
A respiratory on his back aids breathing in harsh conditions. The only "extravagance" he allows.
His hood flops down onto his respirator. Pouches contain holy ointments and supplies.

Rule ideas

  • 40k Stats
    • WS2, BS4, S3, T3, W2, A1, Ld7 Sv5+
  • Wargear
    • Flak armour
    • Combi-bolter
    • Close combat weapon
    • Holy nails
  • Holy nails
    • Some protection from psychic attacks/Invulnerability save?
  • Crossbow-bolter combi weapon
    • Character may choose to fire his bolter or choose from a selection of bolts with differing special effects. Bolts are limited to 1 or 3.
Parts used:

  • Head - Astra militarum (Imperial Guard) command squad
  • Arms - Astra militarum (Imperial Guard) shock troops kit
  • Lasgun - Astra militarum (Imperial Guard) shock troops kit
  • Bolter - Chaos space marine troops
  • Crossbow - Empire crossbowman
  • Torso and legs - Empire crossbowman
  • Entrenching tool - Death Korps of Krieg
  • Shoulder pads - Death Korps of Krieg
  • Pouches - Space marine
  • Greenstuff
  • Styrene tubing
  • Sheet styrene


  1. He looks really good. I'm loving the trend of people listing their build parts - I hope that continues across the community.

    As for the Holy Nails, I think they need some aspect of give-and-take ruleswise. Like, he gets some kind of psychic protection, but it lowers his toughness (since there are damn nails driven into his body!). Or, the nails make him hyper-focused so he gets some kind of bonus to a break test, but they lower his wounds (since there are damn nails driven into his body!).

    Or, the nails are purely for character with no rules benefit.

    1. Haha, yes I like the idea that it should have a negative aspect, I'll include that!

  2. Every time you post him he just gets better and better!

    I really dig this guy a lot - so many cool little touches (though the nails are the stand out).

    I'm desperate to see where the hose goes for his rebreather. You can see in these shots it curls over his shoulder, but does it connect to a grill/mouthpiece on his face, or just hangs onto his chest?

    I don't have any comments to offer rules wise - I think those tend to be best settled amongst gamers you play with in the first instance (or so I've found at least re houserules).

    1. It just hangs onto his chest there isn't actually anything attached (don't tell anyone!) There's a second tube going around his neck that I might paint differently and that could be the rebreather. I have a couple of the guard rebreathers coming but I think I might just leave it as it is.

  3. so he gets some kind of bonus to a break test, but they lower his wounds (since there are damn nails driven into his body!).

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