Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ORDO HERETICUS - Inquisitorial Henchman crossbow bolter conversion - Update 1

Update 1
What I have done:
  • I've changed the gun so that the crossbow string can be drawn back.
  • Bolts to his thigh
  • Holy nails in his head. I don't know how I feel about them but it is done now
  • Scroll to his waist

I think he will be a heretic that is being saved through repentance.
I plan on adding a hood to cover his back.



  1. Fantastic looking conversion all around! His crossbow looks really nice! I am thrilled that you gave the weapon a short stock (a detail left out on most 40k models). What are your thoughts about the chain of bullets hanging from the bottom of the weapon? Are they to represent bolts for the weapon? It looks a little weird to me how it is.

    The greenstuff work looks really nice and seamless. The holy nails are a neat and unique addition. Awesome model!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! They are actually the bullets for his gun. It's a crossbow-bolter combi weapon of sorts.

    2. Oh, that is a neat idea! A combi-bolter crossbow. :)

      I would still consider replacing the belt of bullets with a standard magazine. As it is now, I have no idea how you would even load another belt of bullets into the gun. Most machine guns that are belt fed have a top flap that flips up allowing you to lay in another belt of bullets. Once in the belt is in place the flap is closed again (so the mechanism is very different than what you see on a standard assault rifle).

      Just a suggestion though. The gun still looks cool with the belt of bullets. :)

    3. Good suggestion, and I can see where you're coming from, but I only have a couple of the chaos bolters, so it would seem like a waste if I replaced it with a standard magazine. I also quite like the idea of it not being as easy for him to reload the weapon.

  2. Love those nails - perfect for an acolyte of the 41st millennium!

    1. Thanks, his head was looking a bit bare and I needed something to make him look a bit more sinister.