Saturday, September 20, 2014

Inquisitor Ravenor Musings

Inquisitor Ravenor

I am about to start reading the Ravenor and Eisenhorn trilogies. Before I start I wanted to imagine the protagonists from what little information I have read. I'm then going to revisit them once I finish reading the novels and see how they compare, and use the sketches to model them.

Space Hulk, Local Games Workshop & White Dwarf Issue 34

Space Hulk has been released!

I had heard great things about the game when it was previously released and so when the rumours came out that it was to be rereleased I was excited. I didn't get too excited until I saw the trailer and then I knew I had to have one. I saved up and here it is!
So many models!
The models are beautifully sculpted, the board is spectacular and the quality: superb. I have been very impressed from first impressions and will hopefully post a full review at some point.
One of my old housemates has come up this weekend. I am really looking forward to having a game with him.
I picked it up from my local Games Workshop and had a look at their displays. They had some interesting models:
Tyranids - good contrast in the colour scheme. A nice blend of camouflage with khaki chitin whilst maintaining a suitably alien nature in the blue.
Lizardmen - a nice change from the standard blue/turquoise. I think orange is a brilliant colour for armies.
The four armed giant! - I love this conversion. What could be better than four arms; forget magnets to allow changes in equipment!
Dark Eldar Ravager - Converted acrylic red sail 
This is my favourite model of the lot. Stark edge highlighting means the model does not come across as too dark. The part I really like  is the conversion of the sail, it is very subtle but I think it adds a lot to the model - the sail has been replaced with red acrylic. I never really liked the sail from the box it looked too bulky, not to mention thinking about painting it to look like fabric. But this conversion looks sleek and very appropriate to the Dark Eldar. It also acts as a contrast colour to the green of the hull. Maybe I should start some orange dark eldar...

Whilst I was in the store I also picked up a copy of white dwarf. I've had a flick through and the white dwarf staff seemed to have really stepped up their game. Exclusive content and actually useful information!
Exclusive content - The symphony of pain - a game to play with your new wracks... now just to buy 4 boxes of wracks & 4 haemonculi...
A four page article on how to take better model photos
The symphony of pain is a 2-4 player game in which each player has a 5 wracks and a haemonculi to cause the most pain to the enemy... classic dark eldar. There is a game board in the magazine that can be removed and a full rule set.
The addition of this and the article on photos is very encouraging. If only they would bring back the full battle reports.
A very productive day, now onto building the Space Hulk miniatures!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm back! Wyches & mordheim - The Keeper of Secrets

Sorry for the delay guys, I was caught up in the start of term frenzy at university. Everything is sorted now and I have finally found some time to set aside to relax and model.
I bought a set of dark eldar wyches, an empire scribe (I think from Mordheim) from ebay.
I have great plans!
I am going to convert him into an advisor for my inquisitor: the "keeper of secrets". His book and scrolls filled with the most revealing knowledge. His face will be hid behind a mask, emotionless, giving nothing away. He will also field as an Officer of the fleet in my imperial guard army.

I plan on using the head from the wych on the right of the box.

This is the model I will be using as the base

The Keeper of Secrets

This is my idea. I plan to remove the merchants head and will use it later as is full of character. I am going to replace it with the head of the wych. Add a scarf around the neck in green stuff. Add tubing from either side of the head, and then make a respirator on the model's back out of the venting from a space marine backpack. I am unsure if I should add a holstered gun or auspex at his waist.
I plan to paint his visor gloss black, the neck scarf dark red and his tunic an emerald blue with light dust weathering around the base.