Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rogue Trader With Needle Rifle and Rapier Conversion - Inq28

I finally found a head that would fit the eldar model!
The eldar model is old and OOP. Because of this it is so much smaller than the current GW range. I had planned on using one of the feathered hats from the empire state troops or crossbow set however they were far too large! This was the cause of delay in the realisation of this model. A suitable replacement came in the form of a 3rd party; one of the heads from the foot knight kit from Perry Miniatures. The parts in that kit are slightly smaller than GW parts and so it was a perfect replacement. I am quite glad I went with this head instead as I think it looks more futuristic than the empire heads. Which may have simply made the model look even more dated. It has a visor that I plan on painting like glass to reinforce this futuristic look further, hopefully acting to counter the feather and sword.

Parts used:

  • Eldar heavy weapons crew member
  • Perry Miniatures foot knights head and sword
  • Empire Crossbow man feather


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Inquisitor Lady Pervoxia of the Ordo Chronos

Ordo Chronos
I was having a look at some of the smaller ordos and came across the Ordo Chronos. An Ordo fascinated by the bizarre properties of the warp concerning time and time travel. I sketched an inquisitor for this Ordo. They are also involved in hunting down those who appear in the past, for extermination or study. The whole ordo has vanished into the warp in an attempt to study it. I like the flexibility this could bring: new weird weapons, strange armour, new plots and storylines etc.
I went with a couple of themes one that because they are potentially jumping in and out of the warp at different times their clothing would be from different times and therefore may not resemble current fashions and trends.
I don't know how I feel about the sketch itself but I quite like the concepts and ideas I've come up with.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Keeper of Secrets 4 - Inq28, Inquisition retinue advisor and 40k sanctioned psyker

Another small update - the keeper is nearly much finished.
Unfortunately I didn't have that much flexibility with the head as I had to pin it in order to build it as so I really only had three choices looking to the right, left or straight ahead. In the end I did glue his head in the cliched position because unfortunately it did look the best. I've also added his respirator, connecting pipes and a holstered pistol. I changed it from the initial design which would have had the pipes coming from the two outlets at his chin. I did this because despite my initial feelings that the outlets were too big they have grown on me. I've relocated the pipes to just behind these. Also debating which side to put the gun.
I think in 40k games I'll use him as an advisor or sanctioned psyker.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Keeper of Secrets 3 - Inq28, Inquisition retinue advisor and 40k sanctioned psyker

I've made a small amount of progress on the Keeper. I'm struggling with how to position the head, I don't really want him looking at the book as it's a bit cliched, but that only really leaves to the right or straight ahead. I also had an issue with pinning the head.
I also picked up these two old Eldar models.

Planning to turn them into rogue traders, hopefully with some glossy purples and golds. I was hoping to use the empire feathered heads but unfortunately the heads are too big!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

In28 - Pict Recorder

I am leaning towards creating an exploratory warband. One that consists of servitors, data hubs and recording devices, all under the control of either an inquisitor or magos. I have drawn up the ideas for a mobile pict recorder, inspired by the pict recorder footage from the very beginning of the Eisenhorn trilogy. It will be based off the LOTR models of gollum.