Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial Navigator 4

I've finished the legs now, unfortunately the left leg broke at the ankle to I had to pin it back. Once I'm back at uni where most of my supplies are I think I'll add a strip of plasticard to the front to hopefully provide a bit more support.
I've added the arms and started to sculpt them, although at the moment they look like arm bands!
I've added some detail to the loin cloth and also started word on the head and back

I think I might take a little break from this guy and work on something else for a while because although I do enjoy sculpting little bits. I'm finding it a bit taxing sculpting so much. I'm going to go back to kit bashing for a while.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial Navigator 3

Slow progress on this one
I've decided I'm going to sculpt a lot of it and unfortunately that means a lot of drying time. I can't work on the arms until I've done the legs and I don't really want to work on the top until the arms and head are done...
But thankfully the legs are pretty much done!

I'm waiting on some bits, I've ordered from france before and even they have arrived sooner! But the plan is to have piping from the white tube on his right hand side up to a gas mask on one of the ghoul heads. I'm also going to add further detail to the loin cloth at the top.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial Navigator 2

Get those legs out!
I have done some more work on this creature. After fixing the legs to the torso, the model looked weird, the limbs looked gangly, the stomach long and the bottom flat! In the inspiration picture the buttocks are quite high up and this was not the case with my initial mock up. The only way I felt I could rectify this was by re-sculpting the thighs. This was the first work properly sculpting limbs. It really helped having the plastic underneath. The muscles won't be anatomically correct because I just made it up, I figured it could all be synthetic muscle stitched into place to help him lift the great thing on his back!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial Navigator

Inspired by this great piece of art. See more by the artist, Bloommer here
Someone needs to carry all the stuff!
Very rough kit bash at the moment.


Friday, April 3, 2015

ORDO CHRONOS - Penitent engine - inq28/40k

My next project is going to be something larger hopefully. I want something big I can come back too and chip away at whilst making smaller characters.

I really like the Metal Gear Solid games, especially the cyborg and organic elements. I am planning to make a 40k-ified version of the Gekko. Its like a scout AI walker. 

Metal gear solid gekko
My 40k version will have a heretic bound to the underside, and will be about 90mm high.

Relative size