Friday, December 26, 2014

Keeper of Secrets 2 - Inq28, Inquisition retinue advisor and 40k sanctioned psyker

Update to the keeper of secret at last!
I've done some work on the head. This is the part that will be most heavily converted, so after this is done there won't be much work left to do on the model.
The helmet is a marvel of design. It was created to hold and compute tremendous amounts of data; a miniature super cogitator. The helmet enables the Keeper to boost his already terrifying knowledge, making him a masterful tactician and saboteur.
Decided to put it together as a gif
A couple of photos

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kroot tracker 2 - Inq28, Inquisition retinue sniper and 40k ratling proxy

The Kroot tracker is pretty much finished now, I've made a few further additions: a small camo cloak that is billowing over his shoulder to create a dynamic pose; ammunition, a pistol and a knife. The knife is made of two different knives from the kroot kit, one with a bone handle and another with a longer blade that I had to cut a pelt away from. I also added some further augments to his knee joints. The only further modifications I plan on making now are an attachment for the camo cloak and a base.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Kroot Tracker - Inq28, Inquisition retinue sniper and 40k ratling proxy

My uni term has at last finished! It was a lot harder than I expected and so there wasn't really any time for modelling. I did manage to read Eisenhorn's trilogy and I am currently 2/3 of the way through Ravenor's, my imagining of his was well off! :P So I think I will use that concept for another inquisitor.
Now term has finished I've began work on the newest member on my warband. A kroot tracker.
He has suffered many injuries on from his work with the inquisitor, most notable are from an explosion suffered when chasing a heretic who was poisoning an amasec factory.

The inquisitorial team advanced with the kroot on point. Only too late did they realise they had entered a trap. Explosives at the base of the boiling vats detonated and boiling liquid sprayed onto the kroot. The damage was extensive, but thankfully due to medicae technology and the fact he was considered too valuable an asset to lose: extensive skin grafts and transplants were able to repair most of his body. His left eye, forearm and hand however could not be saved. These have been replaced with implants and augments.

The Kroot Tracker

I'm really enjoying making this one, I carved his left hand to look like a robotic hand and then used a necron forearm which was also carved to make it less cylindrical to replace the forearm. I added some scar tissue to the neck and drilled out the left eye, which I replaced with plastic tubing.
The silencer on the end of his rifle has not yet been glued as I ran out of super glue, it is resting only on a pin, which is the reason is at an odd angle in a couple of the photos.
He's not finished yet, I think I will add a few more impants along his back and lower legs as well as some further scar tissue on his left shoulder. Cloth either in between his legs or over his left shoulder and also some other trinkets.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Empire Greatswords - Perry miniatures & GW mashup

The 7th edition greatsword models in my mind were perfect. They were heavily armoured and yet still maintained the flare of the empire. However, the new models in my opinion are a little over the top. GW has embraced the puffy clothing a little too much, and as with most of its metal to plastic transfers, they became, dare I say it, a bit cartoonish. The perry miniature foot knight models have been used as the base for these models. They provide a solid heavy armoured torso and legs, while the empire flare is maintained through the feathered caps and puffy arms from the GW greatsword kit.