Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The making of servitor #1 - a mini tutorial

I’m putting this up to help others and so I can remember how I made my creations.

Bits used: 
  • Tau drone top 
  • Imperial guard searchlight 
  • Imperial guard winged skull 
  • Dark angel’s scroll 
  • Dark angel’s shield 
  • Space marine backpack vents 
I used my new tentacle/tube maker to roll out the cabling, allowed it to harden for an hour or so as it holds its shape much better then, retaining the bends I shaped it into. I then attached using superglue.
Making it grimey
Before the grime was applied
I have highlighted the key steps in bold.
I basecoated the model and shaded with an airbrush. I used a sponge to apply a chipping effect with black and then silver paint. I applied gloss varnish to protect the model. To make the model dirtier I used oil paints. I then dabbed on small amounts of white, mid brown, yellow, black, dark green oil paint across the model. Concentrating the white on the front of the model as this was the direction of the light. I used a small amount of thinner on my brush to blend in the colours, ensuring that I did not use too much as this will remove the paint, handy if you make a mistake!
  • I used enamel gloss and it takes a while to dry, allow 1-2 days 
  • Don’t bother too much making the highlights with the airbrush perfect, the oils will eradicate most of the detailing unless you apply smaller amounts 
  • Heavily application with the sponge is key, the oil paints with obscure most of it, you can cover up the chipping with the white oil paint 
  • To make rust: mix white, mid brown, yellow oil paints 
  • To make verdigris: mix white, dark green oil paints
~ M

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