Wednesday, August 13, 2014


John Blanche is my inspiration for this blog. After getting back into the hobby one year ago I started reading white dwarf again. The section titled, “Blanchitsu” was simply superb, it was the perfect embodiment of the “grim-dark” nature of 40k.
Previously the background lore of 40k conflicted with my view of the future, I saw humanity as a technologically advanced, efficient, clean race, much like the way the Eldar are portrayed. After seeing Blanche’s work it converted me. I now accept the 40k lore, in fact I prefer it! I love that the future is not perfect and that humanity has to fight tooth and nail to survive. Blanche’s work embodies this struggle. It is a different perspective to the crisp highlights of the pristine ‘eavy metal miniatures. His armour is chipped, their skin weathered and faces gaunt; Blanche’s work displays the desperation and the depths to which humanity will descend to, simply to survive in a cruel galaxy.
I pursued this seam of creativity further and discovered a number of blogs and artists whose work drew from Blanche. I found that many of these sources were linked to the game Inquisitor 28, abbreviated to Inq28. The creativity behind these blogs was unbelievable and the conversions their creators made fascinating.
Having drawn so much inspiration from these sources I wanted to share my creations, and maybe inspire someone else. Not to mention find a game of Inq28 to play!

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  1. Hi - great work - entropy is the only future ........