Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Inq28/40k - Inquisitorial Navigator 4

I've finished the legs now, unfortunately the left leg broke at the ankle to I had to pin it back. Once I'm back at uni where most of my supplies are I think I'll add a strip of plasticard to the front to hopefully provide a bit more support.
I've added the arms and started to sculpt them, although at the moment they look like arm bands!
I've added some detail to the loin cloth and also started word on the head and back

I think I might take a little break from this guy and work on something else for a while because although I do enjoy sculpting little bits. I'm finding it a bit taxing sculpting so much. I'm going to go back to kit bashing for a while.


  1. He's shaping up nicely, but I feel your pain on the tedium of sculpt-bashing. I'm in the middle of a Techno Barbarian conversion that has way more sculpting than I had anticipated, and I feel like I'm just dragging my feet compared to the guys who are pumping out ten or more models a week just through kit bashing.

    1. Thanks, I know it's such slow going! I want to finish it but I have to wait for bits to dry and then I end up putting my finger in it and have to redo it, absolute nightmare! Unfortunately I think I'll always want to sculpt bits simply because i can't find the perfect bits!

    2. I feel the same way. What's in my head, and what's available kit-wise almost never match up so I always end up sculpting something.