Friday, January 9, 2015

Keeper of Secrets 3 - Inq28, Inquisition retinue advisor and 40k sanctioned psyker

I've made a small amount of progress on the Keeper. I'm struggling with how to position the head, I don't really want him looking at the book as it's a bit cliched, but that only really leaves to the right or straight ahead. I also had an issue with pinning the head.
I also picked up these two old Eldar models.

Planning to turn them into rogue traders, hopefully with some glossy purples and golds. I was hoping to use the empire feathered heads but unfortunately the heads are too big!


  1. Very promising! I agree, he shouldn't look into the book. Straight ahead seems ok, but it looks like he's teaching or instructing someone. Maybe to the right would do it - like he was reading, but heard a noise.

  2. Good suggestion, I was hoping to go for something like that but unfortunately because of the way I pinned it I only had three choices and looking slightly into the book was the best. I think it ended up fine though.