Friday, November 21, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy - Empire General & crossbowman

I have started my empire army, I am still unsure of which colour scheme to go for but I feel as though , probably red, black, white and purple. I am leaning more towards a nuln style heavily armoured defensive army.
Head 2 - from greatswords box
Head 3 - from state troop box
The general of the army is a wonderful model, the pose of the horse is my favourite. The only thing I don't like are the legs of the general.
Parts used:
  • Horse - General
  • Legs & body - General
  • Left arm - Knightly order
  • Right arm - Greatswords
  • Feather - Greatswords
  • Cape - Knightly order
After seeing the arm holding the helmet and the large feather I knew the conversion I wanted to make. It will take a little greenstuff to fill in the join between the feather on the helmet & the large feather.
I feel as though the pointing arm, may be a little too normal. I may use the pointing arm, feather hat combo on the champion of the knightly order, as if he is selecting which opponent to fight.
Armoured crossbowman - head swap sallet from greatswords box
I really liked Branganza's besiegers and so I thought I would try and make a paupers version, it was surprising how much difference simply adding the armoured head made! I plan on casting more of these heads to convert the rest.


  1. Looking good M, I think the 2nd head looks the best, it has a great sense of superiority. Have you tried any other weapons for the general- like you said the pointing one makes him look unarmed, but I think the lance arm makes him look too static.
    Have you seen any of Dave Andrews Empire scenery and Empire conversions in W.D? He makes some excellent conversions, which you might find interesting.

    1. Thank you Quinn! I haven't yet, but I think the mace arm, pointing in a similar way, or the sword, as if he is rallying the troops, might be suitable. I'm not going to glue him for a while so I'll have plenty of time to decide. I haven't seen his work, I've only just got into fantasy, I'll check him out, thanks!