Saturday, November 1, 2014

P3 Pinning Expansion: 1.25mm

I have just picked up the P3 pinning expansion: 1.25mm from my local hobby store. I bought it because I have an increasing number of metal models and having been running out of paper clips!
I previously used paper clips but decided to give this set a go because my clippers were becoming blunt on the paper clip metal. I also found that the drill bits I had were not the same diameter as the paper clip. Therefore, the joint I was pinning was not as secure as I would have liked as the paper clip would have to be secured with a lot of superglue to stop it moving.
In this set you get 6 brass 1.25mm diameter rods ~15cm long, and two 1.25mm drill bits.
As well as pinning I plan on using these as replacement staffs for when the plastic breaks and for conversion work.

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