Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leeloo Fifth Element Inquisitor / Warband member - Inq28/40k - UPDATE 1

There were a couple of suggestions that members of several forums made

  • The pose was too stiff, arms should be swept back
  • The bolt pistol was too big
  • The hair shouldn't billow forward because it looks like she is moving forward
  • To use a dark eldar wych head and then sculpt the hair around that

I was imagining a pose similar to trinity from the matrix, but sort of flying backwards.

She does look better with the arms swept back, and I reckon she would look better with a different set of legs. I've kind of gone off the idea for her now, as I just want her to be a warband member and with the coat and legs I think she would look too much like an inquisitor. So in the meantime I might try a different pose and save that model idea for something else
Something like this

Or something simple like this

I'll probably opt for the simple one so I can actually get it built and painted.

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