Friday, October 24, 2014

Conversion Ideas for Inq28 or 40k - Warhammer Fantasy - Forgeworld: Empire Command Set

I recently became interested in the Warhammer fantasy army: the Empire. This interest initially came from seeing a number of modellers using empire components in their conversions. After looking at the models I have become increasingly interested in the army to the point where now I am considering starting an army. But I digress. I also looked through the forgeworld collection to see if they produced any models that could be used as the bases for conversions and I found some very nice specimens indeed!

Empire Command Set

Empire command set
The Empire command set comprises three models, an officer, standard bearer & flaggelant
The detail looks amazing on all three.
The Officer
The officer looks as though it would make a great diplomat or overstated inquisitor, with a head change and an arm change to remove the axe. Both of which could be used for one of the bodyguards. With some major conversion work (gutting most of the front of the model) the cloak with its rolled over shoulders could be used for a doting acolyte, diligently taking notes.
The Flagellant
The flagellant is a fantastically dynamic model. It looks very suitable to be: a mad priest, the club could be changed for an eviscerator; A rogue psyker, if the arms were changed; or the base for an arco-flagellant (albeit a rather expensive one)
The standard bearer
The standard bearer in this set is an absolute beauty and it would be a travesty to cut it up, it would also be difficult. So I just wanted to point out my favourite feature. The arm, with its detailed shoulder plate, looks like it would be a suitable conversion for an inquisitor.
The Forgeworld Empire Command Set can be purchased here


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