Monday, December 9, 2019

INQ28 - pilot crew

Been a while with work :(

Working on these dudes - I think they're going to be the crew of a crashed bomber or something similar


Astra Militarum/Imperial Guard - Chimera and Leman Russ Stowage

I've made a bit of progress on the tanks

I'm trying out using plasticard tubing for smoke launchers - not sure if brass tubing would be better as it has thinner walls


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Astra militarum Chimera Track Guards

I tried the Leman russes with heavy bolters and it worked much better, next step is Pask and a punisher >:)

I received some Ratgard track guards today and they are excellent! I feel as though they really put the model together.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

ASTRA MILITARUM/Imperial guard paint scheme

I've ordered some extra paints and think I have narrowed down the colour scheme.

Basecoat of vallejo dark german yellow primer (no. 2)
Followed by zenithal highlight with vallejo german dark yellow (no. 3)
Airbrush a shade with vallejo yellow green (no. 5)
Then paint on the edge highlight vallejo german yellow (no. 4)
And then paint on the shade in vallejo US olive drab (no.1)

I'll then do some more selective shading/glazes with nuln oil and brown ink, and highlight again if necessary

Hopefully that will give a more balanced colour scheme than the one currently.

Number 6 is vallejo camogreen used in the previous colour scheme and mixed with brown so I think the new colours are a good solution, as their all a bit browner.

Let me know what you think!


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Musing on the ASTRA MILITARUM, Imperial Guard Colour Scheme

Musing on the colour scheme.

I think a darker base would be a good idea, I think I went too heavy on the highlight and low light and the basecoat doesn't really come through. I was hoping I wouldn't have to highlight them with a brush but I think it would be worthwhile doing that and shading them too.

I've bought some vallejo US olive drab, and dark yellow in the hope that I won't have to mix my colours.

If that doesn't work I think I'll just mix a fair bit and put it in dropper bottles so that I have the same colour across the army and don't have to mix it everytime.


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor SARDINIUS MAUL work in progress

I've begun painting SARDINIUS

GW bugman's glow is VERY pink, going to need to tone it down a bit with some brown.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

ASTRA MILITARUM, Imperial Guard Colour Scheme

I'm currently figuring out how to paint my imperial guard and would really appreciate some advice.

I want the troups to look like these guys.

It's like this horribly beautiful intense brown-green.

Here's progress so far.

I think I'm slowly getting there. Although it is a faff to do because it involves lots of mixing paint.

Basecoat = Airbrush with 3:2 Vallejo camo green:GW steel legion brown
Highlight = Airbrush with 3:2 Vallejo camo green:GW zandri dust
Shade = Airbrush with 1:1:1 Vallejo camo green:GW castellan green:GW
I can't really find anything here that gives a similar sort of brown-green, any ideas? Ideally, I'd prefer a vallejo colour given the dropper bottles and that they don't change their paint line every other year...

Instead, I've tried to use the brown ink as a glaze to introduce more of the brown colour from the concept images.

Left figure - no washes
Middle figure - one glaze GW brown ink (old) 1:1 with Vallejo glaze medium, one wash GW nuln oil
RIght figure - two glazes GW brown ink (old) 1:1 with Vallejo glaze medium, one wash GW nuln oil

I have to say I'm very impressed with the nuln oil wash

I prefer the colour on the middle figure the most, but the highlights and low lights still aren't 'popping' like they do in this image. The double glaze just looks a bit messy and too dark.

So I think i need to put an extra highlight and shade in there before I do the wash. I think it's because I did zenithal highlights with an airbrush which flattens the top when viewed from above.

I was thinking edge highlight = 3:2 Vallejo camo green:GW Screaming skull
And I might just use diluted black for the darkest shadows on the shade as it's already pretty dark.
THEN doing the washes, but this might dampen the highlights too much and I don't know if I'll be able to re do them because of the colour shift caused by the glaze...

But, I'd LOVE a simpler option if any one has any ideas.